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Lighter Notes

Restorative recreation in the Guernsey outdoors

For relief from fast modern living, try these. Repeat often

Sunset on Cobo beach

You’re looking for outdoor recreation without exertion – no surfing, no road-cycling, not even golf.   But no lazing on beaches either.  What should you be doing to restore your well-being and fully appreciate Guernsey?  Our travel writer does a stop-and-search, and offers the following:

  • Sunset on a lightly-clouded summer evening, viewed from Cobo’s coastland with local fish’n’chips and a glass of cold dry white. More rest spots here please!
  • Wending your way through the Bluebell Wood when it blossoms in April/May on the coastal path from Town to Fermain. More rest spots here too please!
  • Standing at Jerbourg on a clear day with a view of five Channel Islands plus the Cherbourg peninsula. Makes you realise we’re not cut off.   You can also check how close those re-processing plant and nuclear facilities are….
  • Absorbing Renoir’s view from Moulin Huet towards the Peastacks. Someone please wave a wand to make the uphill return walk easier.
  • Strolling east through Cambridge Park to take in the harbour and islands view from the vantage point at the bottom of L’Hyvreuse near Les Cotils.  Can the narrow stretch of sea in front of you really be that dangerous?
  • Gently hiking the southern cliffs. Miles of them to choose from.  If it’s natural amenity you want in Guernsey, here it is.  And everyone you pass says Hello.
  • Picnicking at Herm or Sark on a warm summer’s day. These islands are part of the Bailiwick, and should be a required destination on anyone’s sojurn here.
  • Walking through the dimly-lit streets of Town during a foggy weekday night. No sun required.  Question: How can thoroughfares which get so clogged at 8am and 5pm be as quiet as this?
  • Roaming on the Common along the coast from Les Ammareurs round to Bordeaux. Stop for a coffee and pastry at any of half a dozen places.  Mind the golfers!
  • Don’t forget your friends. Pull together all those you don’t see often enough for a ‘Bring Your Own’ outdoor barbeque evening.  For this you should use the beach!

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